Artists Richard Colman & Ryan Travis Christian opened “Something Better” & “Well, Time Makes Fools Of Us All” at Guerrero Gallery this past Saturday night.

This is our first time to this amazing space and we were happy to see that the quality and composition of the work did not disappoint.

Check out our flickr shots from the show:

We caught the show at around 9pm as the music began to reverberate, and the art began to glow….

– Warholian

Click on the image gallery above to see all the shots from the Colman and Christian opening.

From Guerrero: “This show explores Colman’s ongoing artistic journey through a thoughtful exploration of past themes and styles, re-imagined in a fresh new landscape. Colman focuses on his artistic development and advancement, breaking free of previous idioms, while returning to some of the materials he first used as a graffiti artist in Baltimore MD at the beginning of his career . The pairing of familiar elements and themes with new characters and landscapes expresses the artist’s belief that the journey never ends and that one should not be content with how things are, but seek ways to make things better and find comfort and gratification in that process.

“Well, Time Makes Fools Of Us All” in our project room, features works by Ryan Travis Christian.

Not presented in linear format but based on experiences he’s had over the past decade or so, the narratives Christian presents in this collection of works are skewed by memory or lack thereof. The drawings, varying in degree of personal significance, portray themes including but not limited to voyeurism, trespassing, bikinis, flat tires, fainting, taking drugs, shoplifting, yard work, commuting, demons, technology, dying, role playing, hallucination, dreaming, windows, fires, taxes, making love, jobs, choreography, god, fucking in public, and dogs.”