Erik Otto’s art is inspiring and poetic in both form and conception, but also plays the role of a visual enigma to the general viewer.


Otto works heavily with found and recycled materials, and creates pieces that are not only beautiful, but engaging.


From White Walls “Tomorrow is Never Promised illustrates the themes of struggle one must face in order to achieve growth, self-fulfillment versusself destruction, times of solitude, and living in the present. The works will also depict the transient nature of time and how it dictates the uncertainty of life.”
Be sure to check out the show at both White Walls and Fabric 8 galleries, they’re not to be missed.




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Tomorrow is Never Promised is at White Walls Gallery from Sept. 11, 2010 until October 2, 2010.


This is a Colin Day Feature
Directed, Shot, & Edited by Colin Day
Audio Recored and Mixed by Jack Fusting
Music: “Lights Out” by Michael Menert


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Special thanks to Warholian’s Colin Day for shooting this piece.  For more of Colin’s work check out his personal site at: