Rumor has it back on the east coast that Shepard Fairey is responsible for the sudden explosion of Joaquin Phoenix images popping up around Boston, New York, and now San Francisco.

Check out the full Flickr gallery of images here:

It seems as if the street artist, well known for his images of Barack Obama and protest imagery, is helping to launch the film “I’m Still Here”  in street art flair.

I’m Still Here  stars Joaquin Phoenix and is reportedly a documentary on the actors transition from film to the world of hip-hop.  The jury is still out on whether this is actual truth, or just a ruse.

Either way, Shepard Fairey has already been associated with the simple black and white image which is definetally outside of his normal style.   It is another yet another example of the fine line that blurs street art and Hollywood at times.

Is it Art?  You decide.


Pictures provided by:

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