For the past few weeks the Banksy fever in the city of San Francisco has been absolutely insane.  After we broke the story of the first Chinatown Banksy discovered we’ve dealt with hundreds of emails and tips alerting us to possible Banksy locations around the city.

We’ve followed up on some, traveled to others, and frankly we’re “Banksied” out.  For those die hard fans though, there are  5 more Banksy locations, but only 4 you can visit. One unfortunately has already been sandblasted from the walls in the Mission.

Here is your guide to “The Lost Banksy’s of San Francisco 2010”

– Warholian

“Rat travels to Alcatraz”  Banksy – Fisherman’s Warf Alcatraz Tour Boats – c/o our Warholian tipster Alan via his flickr: here

“Digging for Freedom Rat” – Alcatraz Island – c/o Patric Fallon – Uptown Almanac

“Peace Rat promotes Zipcar” – Banksy – 24th and Valencia in The Mission (Don’t bother trying to find this one, it’s been sufficently sandblasted from the wall) – c/o our friends at Medicine Agency.

“Star Struck Rat in Glitter” – Banksy – Regency Ballroom – 1290 Sutter Street – c/o Regency Ballroom (which may we add is one of our favorite venues to get down).

“If at first you don’t succeed, call in an air strike.”  Banksy – Broadway and Columbus – North Beach – c/o geekstinkbreath flickr