Thanks to our friends at Amnesia ( we were able to get rooftop access and take up close and personal shots Banksy’s work “This’ll Look Nice When It’s Framed” Banksy Boy w/Paint Can.

Additionally, we spent the better part of the day getting the EXACT addresses and photos of all 6 known Banksy pieces throughout the city of San Francisco (SF). has compiled this huge trove of photo history in a flickr set here. Check it out!

Included in this set are:

1). Banksy “Peaceful Hearts” Doctor
2). “This’ll Look Good When It’s Framed
Banksy Boy
3). “No Trespassing” Banksy Indian / Native American
4). Banksy Skull and Crossbones Rat
5). Banksy Marker Rat
6) Banksy Bird Singing in Tree