Our friends at White Walls were kind enough to give us an exclusive sneak peak into the upcoming Blek le Rat and ABOVE shows…and in our wise Warholian opinion, do not miss this show.

This pairing brings together two totally different artistic perspectives into a gallery setting that is visual candy for the art aficionado, and shows the advancement of the overall street art aesthetic.  In fact, it is taking the overall contemporary art movement to a new place all together.

Blek le Rat’s “Faces in the Mirror” features many of the artist’s well known characters from his visual arsenal, such as his beggars, sheep, and rats.  Known as the Godfather  of the stencil art street movement (or Grandfather as Blek noted jokingly), le Rat’s art has inspired major players in the contemporary art movement the likes of BANKSY and Shepard Fairey since 1981.

Then look up to the future of street art and you’ll see ABOVE.

ABOVE is well know for bombing over 60+ cities in 45+ different countries with his iconic wooden arrows that are often found dangling from telephone wires, spinning, asking the viewer to participate in the environment.  STOP/HONK in a busy street intersection or SEX/SHOP in Amsterdam’s Red Light District are just two examples of the creative ingenuity of ABOVE.

ABOVE’s show “Transitions” features the artist’s classic wordplay imagery, spinning arrows, and stencil work that is both humorous and insightful at the same time.  Additionally, from a technical aspect many of his works will leave you with question…now how in the hell did he do that?

Combine both these separate artists and you have one of the best shows of the 2010 Gallery season.

– Warholian


The opening reception of “Faces in the Mirror” by Blek le Rat and”Transitions” by ABOVE on Saturday, May 1st, 2010, from 7-11pm at White Walls Gallery (map: 835 Larkin Street – San Francisco, CA 94109) The exhibit will be on view through June 5th, 2010, and is open to the public.

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