Artists at San Francisco’s SomArts came together on 3/12/2010 to raise money for the Haiti earthquake. Great show, good people!

Featuring artists such as Barry McGee, & Brett Amory…San Fran Psycho was also there silkscreening the night away. The event was organized by Paul Ferraris.

The show highlights an eclectic mix of more than fifty well established and emerging artists, along with photographers, movie makers and craftspeople. Many of the artists are creating pieces especially for this event, and that work will be given its own special space to be viewed. The evening will showcase a silent auction with original art pieces by numerous talented artists by the likes of Barry McGee, Brett Amory, Chris Burkard, Charlie Callahan, Adam Caldwell, Harvey Redding, John McCambridge, Elizabeth Pepin, Akira Beard, Truong Tran, Bill Osgood, Ho-Jun Lee, me, Audi, Dave Johnson, Scott Lucas, Ian Ernzer, Alecs Petro, Erin Kunkel, Matt Proehl, Katja, Lisa Coris, Art G, Rob Brodman, and many many more.


Music in video by General Fuzz: