Bay Area native Eddie Colla and his crew lit up Hollywood recently for the Manifest Equality show in Los Angeles. The show stepped up the fight in the battle for same sex marriage and featured many prominent artists from the street art scene such as Shepard Fairey, Ray Noland, and Ron English.

Colla’s style is taking contemporary art to a new level, with new insights into graffiti, silkscreen, and subject matter that not only stick out on the streets, but also in the galleries. His work broadcasts a strong message: this is fresh, this is new… pay attention.

“Eddie first made a splash on the political street art scene during the Obama Presidential Campaign. After the election, Eddie continued his street level activism with imagery calling for the overturning of Prop 8 as well as justice for Oscar Grant. With his debut gallery show, Eddie Colla has managed to bring elements of his dynamic street pieces into the gallery setting… which is as close as you’re going to get to seeing his work in person, unless you’re willing to climb some walls, jump some fences, and occasionally, run from the police.”
-Oakland Local

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