Notes taken during the last live workshop.

-Abraham Hicks, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, April 3, 2014

From Ellen Lazanas:
*** [Abraham is now using the word ‘wobble’ as another way of expressing the word ‘resistance’.]
What prevents manifestation from happening? Vibrational wobbles that you have great control over. Manifestation requires focus!

*** Too much information, even you saying” I want to go up!” means you are down.

*** [Abraham is now also using the word ‘revelation’ as another way of expressing the word ‘manifestation’.]
The revelation and the timing of this revelation is up to me!

*** What is the experience of meditation? It is the manifestation of emotion.

*** [It is about being bridge-able]
Does it feel it is your job to bridge the gap, or is it about being bridge-able?

*** When it starts to wobble, get out. Don’t introduce a more wobble situation.

*** First thing in the morning there is no wobble, then you introduce it later.

*** Is this conversation about helping her get a contract, or is this conversation about helping her to have a real good time on her path? Have are really good time on her path.

*** Despair and ectasy is such a big wobble, don’t get out of bed. That’s why depressed people close the curtains and stay in bed.

*** [On the subject of being a biological receiver, channeling]
You have to be in the vicinity of your Inner-Being and get your Inner-Being and not someone else. “I am getting a dark message, just kill them all.” [Audience laughter]

*** If you have the ability to focus and understand how you feel you can move up the vibrational scale.

*** So many of you are being very hard on yourselves when you are not in a higher vibration. Don’t do that, it just brings you more stress.

*** Negative emotion is negative emotion, you just don’t feel good.

*** This alignment is not something that you can maintain forever like a college degree, IT’S CURRENT!

*** In every moment in time there is the relationship between you and you. The gap is between what your Inner-Being is thinking about right now. Inner-Being has NO wobble!

*** Your Inner-Being is NEVER telling you what you are doing is wrong!
ALWAYS calling you towards what you want!
Your Inner-Being is ALWAYS GUIDING YOU to where it is all the time!

*** You create your own reality by receiving inspiration.

***’ Pre-paving’ [for what you want] is the best word in our vernacular for preparing that climate.

*** Abraham: When you know you’re on your way to prosperity, you know you’re not there!
There is a little wobble there?
Audience: Yes. [Abraham agreed]

*** We are NOT keeping it a SECRET, we are broadcasting it.

*** Crying is always ‘releasing resistance’, every single time.

*** Overwhelming energy is a bit of a wobble.

*** Everyone wants to feel good but some have too much wobble to go into what feels good.

*** When you’re comfortable upon your path it doesn’t matter where it leads!

*** Don’t say what you don’t mean. When you say what you don’t mean there is a wobble.
“I know I can do this. I know I can do this. I know I can do this.”, that’s just asking for it! ….
You cannot overcome what you feel with the words! Find a feeling that you feel comfortable and rest with it until you’re sure.
I like how Law of Attraction is showing me how I feel…
I’ve made peace with my eternal nature, I accept that there will always be more for me.
I like that I am always closing the gap.
I like training myself into the frequency of my Source!

*** “Sometimes I am not doing as well as I could” – that clears up the wobble.
-Abraham Hicks, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, April 3rd, 2014

*** You create your own reality by receiving inspiration.

*** [Say:] I am here to express the enthusiasm of what I feel unfolding.

*** The feeling of trust is really a point of new attraction!

***How do you not wobble over the big things?
You say, “Because I don’t wobble over the little bit [things].”

*** Orgasms are evidence of alignment in place! There was pre-paving!
[Audience roaring laughter]

*** Hotseater: …thank you [I did not hear the name of the previous hotseater that was being addressed] for the vibrational b$@w! j%bs.
[Audience laughter]
Abraham: There are distinctive advantages for not live streaming. So, the world is not ready for that…
[Audience laughter]
We are not encouraging you to hold back.
We are not encouraging you to care about what other people think.
Leave their responses behind and focus upon your relationship with your Source.

*** [Abraham addressing the audience]
They [dolphins] are vibrational beings who recognize vibration.
What dolphins represent is alignment.
They are Pure Positive Energy.
They are living happily-ever-after.
They are so wobble-free, and
They are willing to play with you, and know you can’t take them out of their alignment.
You are the dolphins of the human race. You are the most stable that you know.

*** When you are in alignment with Who-You-Really-Are there is a current flowing that is very compelling. [Addressing the audience]

*** [Addressing government agencies, workers, parents on the subject of early unwanted sexual encounters, that lead to pregnancies, that disrupt young people’s thriving.]
We would spend no time to get others to do something different, we would spend time in their alignment!

*** Few of you feel the freedom or inspiration to be Who-You-Really-Are.

*** We want to say that ‘Lucid Dreaming’ and ‘Pure Alignment With Source’ can be considered the same thing: Higher vibration!
‘Lucid’ sounds like clarity, let’s call it ‘Deliberate’…
What’s the momentum of the dream? Where does the momentum of the dream come from? SOURCE!

*** [Say:]
I want to Mastermind with Source!
I want to come into alignment with other humans who also want to align with Source!

*** Abraham addressing the audience: Aren’t you begining to feel invincible? It is now not able for you to not be a ‘Deliberate Creator’ because you know too much!

*** As you begin to stop the wobble, the Source that you know DOMINATES!
*** This is the story that we would tell about this event [The workshops of Playa Del Carmen 2014]:

PARADIGM SHIFT! Say it enough that every part of the world will be perceived by you in a different way.
…you will have a broader perceptual palate… you will be paying much less lip-service to the world… you will find yourselves more chattier than you have been because you are MORE CONFIDENT!
Nothing is broken! Do your best to accept people as they are, because nothing has gone wrong!
You are going to trip over words of criticism; they are not going to feel ‘right’ on your tongue…
People will begin to say to you, “You look radiant, you look great!”
[Become] self appreciative acknowledged with Who-You-Really-Are…
This gathering will never be not gathered…
That week, the year I experienced my ‘Paradigm Shift’.

-Abraham Hicks, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, April 3rd, 2014

Thank you Ellen Lazanas!